• Top of the range

    The quality of our products is our top priority. We only remanufacture from used original large format cartridges, so they are perfectly suited to each printer brand. Our cartridges are produced in-house and our ink suppliers develop the inks to our own specification standards, allowing us complete control over the entire process. This means we only provide the highest quality remanufactured ink cartridges.

    Savings for your customer
, profits for you

    By switching to Colormagic, you could save your customers up to 40%, whilst still retaining a profitable margin for you. Offering an affordable product with a high quality guarantee gives you a fantastic advantage over your competitors.

Extensive range

    We remanufacture large format ink cartridges for some of the most common printer brands including Canon, Epson, HP, Mimaki and Roland.

    Access to support

    As a Colormagic dealer, you will have access to our expertise and support, as well as giving your customers the reassurance that our products are quality guaranteed.

  • Fast response worldwide distribution

    We fill thousands of cartridges every month and always have high stock levels of all our products, making it easy for us to fulfil your order quickly. Whether you already sell ink cartridges or your focus is on repairs, helping your customers switch to Colormagic means they will receive after-market ink cartridges that are trusted by thousands of customers worldwide.

    Colormagic branded ink cartridges

    By selling Colormagic branded products, you will benefit from our established reputation in providing consistently high quality remanufactured ink cartridges. We focus our marketing efforts on promoting the Colormagic brand in markets all over the world and our customers know it’s a brand they can trust.

    White and own label options

    We can also offer the option to sell our ink cartridges under your own brand at a small additional cost per cartridge. Contact our sales experts to discuss which option is right for you.

    If you want more information or to become a Colormagic dealer, call or email us now on

    +44 (0)1245 360140