• What we do

    Our in-house team is dedicated to remanufacturing used large format ink cartridges for a wide range of well-known printer brands. This means our products are unsurpassed in quality, but stay within an affordable price range.

    We work with our ink suppliers at the R&D stage, ensuring the ink is set to strict specification standards.
 All Colormagic inks are tested to make sure they are fit for purpose in their relevant market segment. For example, our Colormagic proofing ink cartridges go through rigorous testing to achieve Fogra, Gracol and SWOP passes with most major RIPs in the market.

  • Why choose Colormagic?

    Choosing color ink cartridges isn’t a black and white decision – buying a big name brand doesn’t necessarily guarantee better quality. At Colormagic, we’re proud of our worldwide reputation and loyal customer base – and that’s down to the quality of our products and trusted service. In fact, at Colormagic, we’re so confident in the quality of our cartridges that all our products are covered by our guarantee.

    Our ink cartridges can be used in a wide range of industries including:

    • Proofing
    • Display graphics
    • Architectural/CAD
    • Fine Arts and Photography
    • Super Wide Format