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Wide Format Ink Cartridges

Wide Format Ink Cartridges

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  • 700ml
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If you want ink cartridges for large format printing, then it would be a really good idea to have a look at ColorMagic Ink. They are dedicated to providing businesses with the best quality remanufactured ink cartridges for large format printing. Their cartridges are suitable for all major large format printer brands, and because they only use original cartridges for remanufacturing, they fit perfectly, and exactly suit all major brands. They are produced in-house, meaning that ColorMagic have control over the quality, and can guarantee that it remains high.

For example, the inks used to remanufacture have minimal metameric qualities, so there is very little colour difference under different lighting conditions. ColorMagic have a testing printer for every ink cartridge, and all products are tested thoroughly before they are released. They are also checked to make sure that they are fit for purpose: for example, proofing ink cartridges achieve Fogra, Gracol and SWOP passes. This means that most of their customers are totally satisfied, but just for your peace of mind, there is a full guarantee that covers all products, and customer service staff will be on hand to help in the event of any problem.

For more information, call 01245 360140, emailĀ, or complete the contact from on the website atĀ