• Perfect fit

    We only remanufacture our ink cartridges from used original cartridges, so they are perfectly suited to all major printer brands. They are produced in-house, allowing us complete control over the filling process and ensuring we only supply the highest quality product.

    Top color control

    The inks we use have minimal metameric qualities, ensuring there is minimal color difference when the colors are viewed under different light sources.
 They are also rigorously tested to ensure they are fit for purpose in their relevant market segment and printer brands. For example, our Colormagic proofing ink cartridges are tested to ensure they achieve Fogra, Gracol and SWOP passes with most major RIPs in the market.

  • Tried and tested

    We have a printer for every ink cartridge we supply and we test all our products thoroughly before releasing them. This means our return rates are exceptionally low. In the unlikely event you do have a problem, all our products are covered by our guarantee and the team is always on hand to help.

    Finger on the pulse

    Doing our own R&D means we know what you need and can advise our ink suppliers on exact requirements. This allows us to add new products to our range as new printers are released. For example, remanufactured inks for HP Z6200 poster production and HP T7100 architectural CAD ink cartridges, both coming soon.

Set up an account with us

Set up an account today. Simply fill in your details on the downloadable PDF and email it to us. We will then set you up with a unique account number, which is emailed to you. Then, the next time you order, simply quote your account number. You can either phone us or email your order to sales@colormagicink.com.