• We believe in protecting the environment to safeguard our children’s future. This is why it’s so important to recycle used large format ink cartridges. And of course, we encourage our distribution channel to do the same.

    We recycle thousands of cartridges through our quality-controlled procedure. We are registered with the Environmental Agency to collect waste and comply to your company’s ISO standards.
 We also make sure that every internal procedure is as environmentally friendly as possible and within the law.

  • In just five simple steps…

    1. Simply select the cartridges you have to dispose of from the form below and checkout.
    2. We then contact you by phone or email to arrange collection.
    3. Once we receive your cartridges we check them and dispose of any we can’t use in an environmentally friendly way as per our recycling terms & conditions.
We then email you a PO for the cartridges we can use and a waste transfer note.
    5. You send us an invoice and we pay you by wire transfer 30 days from the invoice date month end.

New Recycling System Under Construction - Please Contact Us in the Meantime.