• Anthony Dunning, Sourcemedia

    “We have been distributing the Colormagic ink range to our client base for over 4 years now. It’s a great product and they are experts in this field. And our customers are happy too!”invbracketbottomturq

    United Kingdom Anthony Dunning, Sourcemedia
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  • Udo Kotzmann, Mediatronics

We are a German distributor of Colormagic inks and have been selling their inks for over three years. We know it can be difficult to convince printer operators to use compatible ink, especially when they’ve had bad experiences.
However, that changed when we were introduced to Colormagic and their quality inks. Simon, the managing director, reassured us that their ink cartridges were tested using the most stringent quality tests and they only used the highest quality inks. He was really helpful throughout the process and offered us a trial of the range. After a few trials we took on several of the Colormagic inks and our customers love the fact they can save money with a product they trust. Plus, the Colormagic team are always on hand if we have any issues.”invbracketbottomdblue

    Germany Udo Kotzmann, Mediatronics
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  • Alan Bramall, The Artisan Press Limited

We’ve been using inks and proofing media supplied by Colormagic since 2006. During that time they have always performed well, the prices are very competitive and there is an efficient next day delivery service, which makes Colormagic an excellent source for remanufactured large format consumables.”invbracketbottomturq

    United Kingdom Alan Bramall, The Artisan Press Limited
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  • Jonathan Bower, Kall Kwik Chiswick

    “At Kall Kwik Chiswick, we’ve been using Colormagic for over 5 years. In that time they have always performed perfectly. We’ve never had any problems with the quality of print or the cartridges. The next day delivery is very efficient and prices great. All in all a great company to get your remanufactured large format supplies from.

    United Kingdom Jonathan Bower Kall Kwik Chiswick
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